Why have one new C award umpire when you can have four?!

Shannon Hibbert, Samantha McMullen, Lydia Jordan and Thea Carter have done themselves and Raychem proud by passing their C award for umpiring.

As we all know, we wouldn't be able to play the game we love without umpires (even if we very very very occasionally have a little moan about them!) so it is a big thank you from everyone at the club for all their hard work. Everyone at Raychem Netball Club is really proud of the four umpires for their achievement.

The C award umpire course is a big commitment and our four club members have had to balance this alongside education, part time jobs, playing netball and of course trying to have a social life!

To gain their C award, umpires need to:

  • Complete the 'Into Officiating Award'
  • 2 x 1.5 hour virtual training sessions
  • 30 minute written assessment
  • Practice umpiring netball
  • Pass a practical assessment

"As with many things, Covid-19 delayed their umpiring journey, but as soon as they were able to get back on court the girls were there, whistles at the ready."

Samantha Parker, Umpire Development Secretary

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